Camille Lee, PT, DPT

Bio: Starting from when I was in PT school at UCSF, when people met me and learned about what profession I was in, they'd say, "Oh hey, you're a PT! So I've got this problem in my shoulder..." So now that I am practicing in the real world, every week someone I know will greet me with "Hey Camille, how are you doing?" and then they get that look in their eyes and their tone of voice changes and I can tell they're not even going to wait for my answer about my well-being and they introduce the fact that they have some pain and if they can ask me a PT question about it. No, no, I'm not bitter, but I realized that I should just give them a business card with my practice location on it so they can actually schedule an appointment at a real office. Knowing that a small percentage of people will actually do that, I decided to make a helpful blog for people who are in pain or for people who want to prevent pain.

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